Who Is A Legal Nursing Consultant?

There are many options to consider when looking at a career in medicine. The first and the most commonly selected job role is that of a doctor. Besides becoming a doctor, one can specialize in other branches such as diagnostics, nursing and home health care.

There is one more career option that not many of us have heard about. It is the job of a legal nurse advisor or a consultant. This has become a very significant position given the money involved in health care and the increasing number of personal injury claims.

Who is a Legal Nursing Consultant?

A legal nursing consultant is a link between the medical and legal system. He or she is an advisor trained in the nursing profession. A consultant uses his training and work experience in medical settings such as hospitals and research centers to help attorneys and judges understand complex medical and health related issues. They also evaluate how health care is being administered and prepare reports based on their findings.

Employment Opportunities

A legal nurse consultant can seek employment at varied settings.

  • They can work with insurance companies.
  • They can work with Government agencies responsible for monitoring heath care services.
  • They can work at a law firm assisting attorneys and lawyers specializing in personal injury claims, worker compensation disputes and malpractice suits.
  • They can work with a risk management division at a medical center or hospital
  • Finally, they can work with private corporations

A professional with a good financial backing and contacts can choose to practice independently.

What does the job entail?

The job as a legal nurse advisor is quite an exciting and rewarding one. The good thing is it is not as demanding as a regular nurse job.

The primary duty of a legal nursing consultant is to locate and examine a patient’s health care records. When doing so, they interview doctors and nurses. They highlight important facts and explain medical concepts to attorneys. Based on the collected information, they prepare and supply reports to attorneys that might be of use in solving a case involving a medical claim. They also provide necessary analysis according to their findings. Through their research, they determine whether the claim involves negligence on the part of the medical professionals involved. Additionally, they analyze healthcare information to determine if it has been tampered with in favor of a particular party. An advisor might also appear as a witness in the court. He or she works with an attorney to prepare questions or advises attorneys on how to question witnesses and defendants during the proceedings.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for a legal nursing consultant is quite good. In addition to the ample job prospects, the average salary is very competitive. The pay scale ranges between $50,000 and $75,000 per year. If calculated at an hourly rate, they earn between $100 and $150 per hour. The pay scale will vary based on the experience levels and the sector in which one seeks employment.